Let’s go on an adventure 

Wild Adventure Party Box


Is your child a little explorer? Then this one is for you!

Our Wild Adventure Party is all about the outdoors. With this party box it will be very easy to transform your garden, a park, the forest, or any other venue into a real wilderness.  During this party the kids will have time to run around and be wild; go on a scavenger hunt and look for insects and animal footprints, decorate your own treasures and roast marshmallows above a wood-fire.

Let your kids roam free in nature and experience the Wild for their special day.


Meet Safari Sam

Optional, make use of our storyline to add an extra dimension to your party.

Welcome to the Wild Woodlands of Southern Africa.

Together with Safari Sam the kids will go on a Nature Scavenger hunt in order to track and protect Billy the Bear, who’s in grave danger.

The little explorers keep getting distracted by all the weird and wonderful Animals roaming the wilderness. They’ll need to look out for insects and animal footprints that might lead them to ‘Billy’, but they need to be quick to save him from the poachers. 

What’s in your Wild Adventure Party Box?

  • Party decoration: bear plates, leaf napkins, cups and paper straws, cake toppers, garland ‘Adventure Awaits’ balloons, confetti, party bags.
  • Our inspirational guidebook full of tips and tricks, activities and a shopping list. 
  • Paper animal ears for all little adventurers, 1 ‘Billy the Bear’ mask and face paint.
  • Nature Scavenger Hunt list, including 1 magnifying glass and a bag of toy insects.
  • DIY slingshot set for all kids.
  • Personalised digital ‘Wild Adventure’ invitation.
  • Printable ‘Wild Adventure’ colouring picture.

This box is suitable for a minimum of 5 kids.

Storyline Wild Adventure

Through the short video clip that you’ll receive with your party box, Safari Sam invites all adventurers to join him on a nature hunt to find Billy the Bear.

This video clip gets the kids excited and ready for the activities that will be taking place during the Wild Adventure party. It is possible to show this to the kids on the television, but a tablet or phone works fine too.

The party box also works perfectly on its on, without the storyline.  

Have a look at this intro from Safari Sam. 

I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees – Henry David Thoreau