A magical dream 

Tea Party Box


Is there any celebration more elegant than a tea party? Little girls and boys love dressing up and snacking on delicious treats, while sipping tea (or any other drink).

This party box will help you set the table and make sure to create a magical and classy atmosphere. Dress-up fun, jumping and dancing, pass the sweet pot and a tea bag hunt are all part of this wonderful day.

Ring the bell, stir your tea, pinkies up and enjoy!

The annual Lady Lollington Tea Party

Optional, make use of our storyline to add an extra dimension to your party.

Lady Lollington welcomes all the kids, Princes and Princesses, to her annual Lollington Tea Party.

Lady Lollington has spent weeks preparing today’s party. The table is set, the water is boiling and there are a whole range of exciting activities waiting to be done..

But there’s been a terrible robbery. A naughty prince has hidden Lady Lollington’s Most Magical Tea, her prized homemade tea bags are all around the garden. We need the help of all Princes and Princesses to find the tea bags so that the tea party can continue.

What’s in your Tea Party Box?

  • Party decoration: plates, napkins, cups, paper straws, cupcake toppers, pinwheels, balloons, confetti, party bags. All in beautiful gold/pastel colours.
  • Our inspirational guidebook full of tips and tricks, games and a shopping list.
  • Croquet starter set (2 mallets, 2 balls, 3 wickets).
  • Tea bag hunt reward.
  • Paper tea cup printable.
  • Leaf ‘crown’ for every child.
  • Personalised digital ‘Tea Party’ invitation.

This box is suitable for a minimum of 5 kids.

Storyline Tea Party

Lady Lollington will welcome all the kids, Princes and Princesses, to the Tea Party through the short video clip that you’ll receive with your party box. 

The video clip gets the kids excited and ready for the activities that will be taking place during the Tea Party. It is possible to show this to the kids on the television, but a tablet or phone works fine too.

The party box also works perfectly on its on, without the storyline. 

Have a look at this intro about Lady Lollington’s Annual Tea Party.

Be a princess; run barefoot, wish on dandelions, dance in the rain, believe in fairytales, dream big and twirl in a skirt