Superheroes in training

Superhero Party Box


Welcome to our Superhero Academy.

During this party the kids will have different challenges to complete to become a real Superhero. There’ll be a variety of activities to choose from, to make sure that the Superheroes in training will achieve the five Superhero qualifications; courage, building muscles, save and protect, escape and inspect.

Once the children have received all their stars, they’re official Superhero’s and will receive their certificates.

Join the Superhero Academy

Optional, make use of our storyline to add an extra dimension to your party.

We are urgently looking for young Supers to join our academy.  

If you are reading this, it means the the world is in crisis. Doctor Disrespectful has started to make toys disappear all over town. This is an urgent call to anyone wanting to develop their superpowers. 

The Superhero Academy is no ordinary school, you will need to complete five Super Skills to become a real life Superhero. Come and join our Academy and help Professor Powerhouse to defeat Doctor D.

What’s in your Superhero Party Box?

  • Party decoration:  Superhero plates, napkins, cups and paper straws, Zap! cake topper, ZAP! garland, balloons, confetti, party bags.
  • Our inspirational guidebook full of tips and tricks, games and a shopping list.
  • Superhero mask for every child.
  • Superhero Certificate and ‘My Superhero Stars’ reward card (with stickers)
  • Rope for Tug of War.
  • Bombs (black balloons)
  • Personalised digital ‘Superhero’ party invite.

This box is suitable for a minimum of 5 kids.

Storyline Superhero

You will receive a short video clip with your party box in which Professor Powerhouse explains why the world is in danger. 

The video clip gets the kids excited and ready for the activities that will be taking place during the Superhero party. It is possible to show this to the kids on the television, but a tablet or phone works fine too.

The party box also works perfectly on its on, without the storyline. 

Have a look at this intro to see what Professor Powerhouse has to say.

Every child is a Superhero!