The circus is coming to town!

Silly Circus Party Box


Our Silly Circus theme is perfect for tottlers and younger children.

It’s time to transform a birthday party into a spectacular show, where the kids turn into circus performers. It’s all about bright colours, flaming hoops, silly costumes and acrobats. During the party the kids will show strength, grace and flexibility when juggling and balancing.

This box contains everything you need to recreate the world of circus for a very special birthday.


Welcome to the show

Optional, make use of our storyline to add an extra dimension to your party.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the show!

Ringmaster Ringo, the greatest circus leader the world has ever seen, was ready to astonish and amaze you with his most spectacular show, but he has a disaster on his hands.
His acrobats have backache, his clowns have a particular unfunny case of the flu and his jugglers need glasses!

It looks like the show needs to be cancelled.. 
Ringmaster Ringo needs all the children to help save the show by becoming circus performers.

What’s in your Silly Circus Party Box?

  • Party decoration: harlequin plates, napkins, fan stripe cups, paper straws, cake toppers, pinwheels, balloons, party hats, confetti, party bags.
  • Our inspirational guidebook full of tips and tricks, activities and a shopping list.
  • Paper pom pom party hat for every child.
  • A set of walking stilts.
  • Balloons for DIY juggling balls.
  • A top hat and moustaches.
  • Personalised digital ‘Silly Circus’ party invitation.

This box is suitable for a minimum of 5 kids.

Storyline Silly Circus


Rigmaster Ringo will explain the problems for the upcoming to the kids in the short video clip that you’ll receive with your party box.

The video clip gets the kids excited and ready for the activities that will be taking place during the Silly Circus party. It is possible to show this to the kids on the television, but a tablet or phone works fine too.

The party box also works perfectly on its on, without the storyline. 

Have a look at what Ringmaster Ringo has to say in this introduction.

No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else – PT Barnum