Bamboo Build & Roll


PRE ORDERS OPEN – lead time: 3-4 weeks.  

An open ended channeling system, ideal for indoor and outdoor play. Perfect for cars, (felt) balls, marbles and various other resources. Wonderful for imaginative play, construction and sand and water play. 

Let the children experiment with different run lengths and use objects around the play area for flexible channelling solutions. When building bamboo ramps and rolling with a variety of objects, they’ll gain a deeper understanding of foundational maths and science concepts (STEM). Explore. Play. Create. 

These strong and light bamboo pieces are a natural product, which make them a great addition for an eco-friendly play and learning space. Every piece is unique with varying shades of colour. Shape and size will vary based on how the bamboo naturally grew, therefore most pieces are not perfectly round and may have stress marks or small natural cracks. These are to be expected when using these beautiful resources from nature. 

As bamboo is a natural material, it will weather and change colour with time, this will not effect the use of the product. Try and keep your bamboo happy, by keeping it dry and wiping it down on a regular basis after use. When storing your product, store in a dry area away from high temperatures or the sun, as excessive drying will cause cracks.

Included: 5 bamboo ramp channels, 1 bamboo base pole, 8 bamboo half top/base stands (+ dowels), 6 bamboo tube stands.

Comes in a calico drawstring bag for easy storage.

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