Let’s go glamping and have an adventure

 Glamping party box


A great party for teens, but the smaller kids will love it too. This party is all about exciting activities in nature. But you could also very easily turn it into a pamper party (as ‘spin the nailpolish bottle’ and decorating your own pillowcase are some of the activities included). 

A great idea for this party, is to create your own outdoor cinema, or to put some music on and dance the night (or afternoon) away. 

Instead of having a day party, you can asks the guests to come in their pyjamas and have a sleepover.

Festive Francis’ Glamping Festival

Optional, make use of our storyline to add an extra dimension to your party.

Festive Francis invites the kids to her annual Glamping Festival! They will be picnicing in the wild, decorating their own pillowcases, and enjoying the beauty of nature in the utmost luxury. 

But their glamping skills will also be put to the test..
The children will need to find some beautiful bits of nature to decorate their outfits for this festival. Creativity is needed in order to complete the different activities. 

This annual outdoors festival will be a chance to socialise and have fun.

What’s in your Glamping Party Box?

  • Party decoration:  plates, napkins, cups and paper straws, rainbow cake topper, ice cream garland, balloons, confetti, party bags.
  • Our inspirational guidebook full of tips and tricks, games and a shopping list.
  • Decorate-your-own pillowcase (for every child).
  • Set of fabric markers.
  • 3 colourful pillowcases for the sack race.
  • Spin-the-bottle game.
  • Personalized digital ‘Let’s go Glamping’ party invite.

This box is suitable for a minimum of 5 kids.

Storyline Glamping

You will receive a short video clip with your party box in which Festive Francis invites the children to her annual Glamping Festival.

The video clip gets the kids excited and ready for the activities that will be taking place during the Glamping party. It is possible to show this to the kids on the television, but a tablet or phone works fine too.

The party box also works perfectly on its on, without the storyline. 

Have a look at this intro to see what Festive Francis has to say.

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